Monday, June 30, 2008

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Lowering my standards

Having left my sweet mother earth and moved to an alien world...aka New York, I have become emotionally as well as physically distanced from the people I love most. Having had this mentioned to me I decided to go against my better judgment and create a blog. Thank you very much Sister. We are adjusting to New York life quicker than in any of the places we have lived. My little dude keeps telling me he wants to live in New York forever. He has more friends than he has anywhere previously. He misses his Gucci tremendously, and mentions her constantly. I have four or five great friends. The friends I spend the most time with are Paula (a sweet gal from Argentina who is married to a Pathology Resident) and Jessica (a native New Yorker who is married to an Anesthesiologist Resident). They are polar opposites and each one brings out different characteristics in me. We recently went to the strangest Circus together. The children had a fantastic time, except for during the modern dance piece where the dancers wore none other than mummy costumes. The only way to make modern dance any weirder. We had a great time. It made Circus Shamira look like Cirque de Solei (or however you spell it).