Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July Barbeque


who would have thought that chicken could bring people together?! Have you ever noticed that when there is good food around, people feel comfortable? You could take two incredibly hostile neighbors and put them together in a room full of food and for that twenty minutes they were scarfing down food you would think they were best friends. Granted as soon as their bellies are full you can feel the hatred exuding instanteously. This same phenomenom occurred at the 4th of July barbeque yesterday. People who are usually nowhere to be seen came out of the woodwork and had a very pleasant time. As a bystander this is really fun to watch. Our 4th of July barbeque was very fun. I even got to see my friend Jessica get a piece of Ice put down her shorts. I personally would feel safer petting a ravenous bear, but someone out there has more cajones than I do. And thank heavens, because I caught her reaction to the ice with my camera. Priceless.

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Talbot Family said...

Who is the dude with the belly? Cute friends and it looks like you had a super great time. Adessa is watching Thomas, Luke would be so proud.