Wednesday, July 30, 2008

3's Tag

3 JOYS: My children, Twilight Series, Fudge

3 Fears: It is so hard to narrow it down....: Perverts, Airplanes, Cockroaches

3 Goals: To not completely traumatize my children by the time they are adults, To someday be a size 12, and to be able to jump on a trampoline and not pee my pants!~

3 Obsessions: The Twilight Series, The Children's Place, Did I mention Fudge?

3 Random Facts: I know enough Spanish and sign language to communicate slowly with Spanish speaking or deaf people. I just learned the story of Abinidi from my Four-year old this week, I HATE moderation.


Talbot Family said...

Did you mention fudge?

Tyler said...

Hey, I think you might enjoy this tasty new thing I heard about. It's called "fudge." Interested?

p.s. Twilight is gay.

Sherri said...

Yo Missy...where's a new post? Come on, I'm growing old here!!!

Sherri said...

Hmmmmm, no new post yet. I am feeling so forlorn.....I'm going to keep checking. One day you'll come through for me!

It was fun to see you guys this weekend! I was sad that I wasn't around on Saturday, but there's always August. *sniff*