Sunday, November 16, 2008

East Coast Disease

Who gives a crap about the festive beauty of late Fall? The leaves have fallen, the birds have high-tailed it out of here, and pretty much the only things stupid enough to still be in New York are the people, the Squirrels and the Rabbits. I mention the animals because their carcasses are strewn across every road you drive down. It is freezing cold here. I am wishing I had followed the examples of the birds and headed south. The cold sucks, but it's not just that... It is the freaking illness occuring here. I would go to my good friend's house, but one of her kids has pink eye, and the other has an ear infection. I wait a of her kids has strep and the other has inherited the pink eye from their sibling. I call another friend...."Sorry, but my kid just threw up all over and I can't talk right now." Scratch that person off my list. I try to arrange a lunch for a bunch of gals, we put jackets on our kids and haul them to Chili's. During my first bowl of soup one of the gals kid pukes on the table, then again on the way to the Chili's bathroom. I will never eat Chicken Enchilada soup again...well that's a bloody lie, but the first time after the incident I only was only able to eat one bowl of it. What a disappointment. My son has been as healthy as a horse over the past four years. He has not had a SINGLE illness to send us to a doctor's office in FOUR years. This was in New Mexico, the grimiest place we have ever lived. Last month he got Strep Throat. Today he has an Ear Infection. What's next, Hand-Foot-and Mouth disease? How can a state be so eco-friendly and green, and yet so thoroughly contaminated with illness? Looks like it's going to be a long, antibioti-filled winter.


Donahue Family said...

Ok, I just started reading and already LOVE YOUR BLOG!
You are awesome with a capital A.
I would totally read your book.

Talbot Family said...

One word: Danactive.